False Prophets

by Torture

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houston goon music.


released November 16, 2016

art by Jason Frazier

recorded at Murder On Tape Audio and Tim Walker




all rights reserved


Torture Houston, Texas

Third coast death

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Track Name: Thin Blue Line
behind the badge you're all just worthless sacks of shit
beating the innocent and leaving them for dead
broken futures is all that you will leave behind
we will not rest until we erase the blue line

this is nothing new
oppressed by wolves in blue
who are not fucking fit
to shine your fucking shoes
these bastards and their crew
the judge and jury too

Your pig friends cant save you
Youll pay for what you do

broken futures is all that you will leave behind
we will not rest until we erase the blue line
Track Name: Brainwashed
we have no rights and we're fucked for life
survive by doing our daily rites
wear your tie look in the mirror
all you'll see disgust and terror

chained to life
all is pain
all these hopes
down the drain

society is built on lies and hate
greed and crime we all create
hungry hands grab the gate
nothing above still we wait

spoon feed lies
daily demise
cut all ties
laugh while you cry

these fucking cowards will get what they deserve
be it by law or the fucking sword
Track Name: False Prophets
this system is fucked every man for themselves
women and children are drag to hell
society is crumbling at my feet
we watch in hunger as the rich eat

I won't let that shit happen to me
I won't let them tell me want to believe

false prophets control
the American role
false prophets reject
what we protect