Blood Money

by Torture

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You're just a slave.


released April 5, 2017

recorded at Murder On Tape Audio
additional engineering by Tim Walker



all rights reserved


Torture Houston, Texas

Third coast death

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Track Name: Blood Money
A slave to currency
Brought on by corporate agenda

Sweatshops are childrens lives
Slaves starve until they die

Your greed supports their pain
You're just a slave

Blood Money
Track Name: Beheaded
You march around with the mirage of your holy crown
Flinging your shit you love the way you fucking sound
Hidden behind your vanity and grief
Mask your true weakness underneath

No ones going to be there when you finally meet the reaper
No one will cry on the day you fucking die

Have them beheaded

You lock yourself in a mental prison
Try to set you straight you refuse to fucking listen
Self absorbed corrupt it's your grave you've dug

Have them beheaded
Track Name: Being
Voices in my head are telling me that life shit
We constantly fear and live with oppression
Everyone is telling me that everything's okay
I'll blow my fucking head off if I live another day

If you think that the world cares you're wrong
We're born alone and we die the same

Wake up in pain it doesn't seem to end
Hold this gun to my head wishing I was dead
Everyone feels it so why do we pretend
Bound to their system save me from this dread

When will I be free from being self aware
When will I be free
When will I be free from peoples expectations
When will be free
Track Name: Empty
Hear the screams of the emptyLaws of the land engraved in stone
Built in the name of bias and hate
Feeble minds locked in a shell
Nowhere to go in this web of lies
Damn and dismantle burn the steeple
Show them what the eyes of conquered see

Pray to a god that lies through his teeth
Bowing at the alter slave to their belief

I want the head of the fabled jesus christ

Thoughts and prayers put you to peace
While God looks away as blood paints the streets

Your solutions are empty
Track Name: Suffering
My life a struggle
Too much to bear

Filtered through a veil of darkness
Color fades

We go through life living with pain
All this guilt, all this shame

Cast aside without help
Kneel before this gun release my self

All goes black
Memories collapse

I find peace in the blackness surrouding me
Fuck the bullshit this life had nothing for me